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Warning: Agora Deposits & Withdrawals not working! (#3)

Update 6 – 30.11.14 – Multiple reports are claiming that the issues are fixed now!

Update 5 – 29.11.14 – Agora is still experiencing significant delays in deposits, but withdrawals are now working fine.

Update 4 – 26.11.14: Update from Agora posted as a reply to a PM:

There has been a growing backlog of transactions as people rush to withdraw (understandably). We are expected the backlog to clear within the next 24 hours. Apologies for the delays.

These delays are not specific to individual accounts and we cannot expedite individual requests. This is a site wide issue and the backlog is clearing as quickly as possible.

Update 3 – 26.11.14: Deposits & Withdrawals Are Broken again – Do not deposit until its sorted!

Update 2: The issue has been resolved, deposits and withdrawals are functional again. There are still delays, but deposits and withdrawals are getting to their destinations. Agora administrators have proven themselves once again.


Proof of a transaction being broadcasted to the blockchain TODAY – that was submitted to us to confirm the that they issue is resolved.

Update: An account that was previously confirmed as an official Agora administrator posted this update earlier on Reddit (we added the link to Agora’s Availability FAQ page for those who are not familiar with it):

Dear users, we are sorry again for the lack of communication. The current problems are a direct result of our security model, even though at this time it was unfortunate that many of you had to wait for your money because of this. As our Availability FAQ has stated, we always value security above availability and feel this is the only way to run an operation like ours. We believe this is also on of the reasons we were one of the few to withstand the test of time and seizures. The outstanding withdrawals should be complete during the day. For future withdrawals expect some minor delays in the order of a couple of hours between the adding of payout and the transaction broadcasting, until the problem is completely resolved in the middle of next week. The forums might take a couple of days as well, we are putting all our resources on solving the payment issues.

Unlike previous messages from this account, this message was not PGP signed. However, the same account has posted signed messages from Agora administrators in the past, so it is likely that this message is legitimate.  Regardless, we advise that users avoid making deposits until everything is back to normal.


In the past 36 hours there have been a very large number of reports confirming that deposits and withdrawals are not working on the Agora dark net market, which is currently the largest dark net market. Agora has suffered several Attacks in the past, as well as several technical issues (example:#1#2) which caused lengthy downtimes, as well as some issues that disabled deposits and withdrawals [#1#2]. These past issues were resolved in due time, so it is hard to determine if the current problems are the start of another large exit scam or if they are a technical issue. In addition to the problem concerning deposits and withdrawals, it seems as if Agora’s forums are down as well.

Users are reporting that both deposits and withdrawals are not being processed by the dark net market and that transactions are not being broadcast on the blockchain once a deposits or withdrawal has been initiated.

Here is a sample that someone sent us showing the log of these transactions on the market:

agoratransDuring this time, and like with previous issues that occurred on Agora, the admins posted a sitewide warning, stating:

We are aware of the payment issues, working on the solution.


The same notice was given in a Reddit thread concerning the issue:


It is needless to say that, due to the past experiences we have had with similar situations on various dark net markets. No one should deposit any funds with Agora until the issues have been resolved. DeepDotWeb will continue to follow the story and provide any updates if needed. An active warning has been added to the markets chart and Agora’s listing.


  1. Indeed there seems to be a problem. Hopefully it’s temporary. I’d hate to find out they decided to cash-out while the going is good.

  2. I’m leaning towards Technical issue. If I were to pull an exit scam, I wouldn’t advertise something is wrong with withdrawals and since the forum is down as well, not alot of people would be warned before hand by others experiencing withdrawal problems. Telling everyone who logs in something is wrong will keep them from giving you more money to run off with.

  3. I’m tending to agree, PP. I made a reasonably substantial deposit to Agora last night and although it’s fully confirmed on the blockchain there is no sign of it in my Agora wallet.

    I’m worried, but not as much as I would be if it were any other marketplace.

    It doesn’t *seem* like an exit scam. Plus, since confirmation on the blockchain of my transfer, the funds are still in place. If it was an exit scam you might expect the coins to be syphoned off almost immediately.

    Time will tell, but so far Agora has pulled through difficult times. Agora’s policy of minimum communications doesn’t help either way, but at least they are consistently uncommunicative.

    Here’s hoping.

    • וI have a deposit that has been missing for 48 hours. 13:38 ET. 11/26/2014 Admin has responded but not followed through. I sent them Blockchain information 24 hours ago.
      I hope your right that this is not an exit scam. I have had good experiences with AG with the exception of this and the tech issues.

  4. It seems that in the end we will have only ONE market here that has no problems at all and his little puppet markets around. Al the rest are gone, hacked, admins bribed and wrecking their own market, LE snitches in the market who had their gossip hour for years etc..pp

    Draw your own conclusions, it seems that a market has to have the right COLORS to be untouched…..

  5. I’d love to say it doesn’t seem like an exit scam but where the duck is the forum the last 48 hours now. That’s what I would do, Turn off the forums to cripple the communication between users.

    • It does seem suspicious, but there’s a subreddit. I don’t feel that they would cut of communications unless they could do it completely.

  6. I have no doubt Agora is solid, sometimes security requires unexpectedly…I like to think they are setting up more layers of security, including mirrors.

    At some point it has to happen, how else will you do it without annoucning it to the world and letting prying eyes no more than they need to…think about it.

  7. Has it been confirmed withdrawals have worked for anyone?

  8. The issue is fixed, everything is now working correctly :)

  9. I hope so.. Thank You! Nice to know that some people got their deposit..

  10. I got my withdrawal today as well. Big sigh of relief!!

  11. Got my withdrawals and deposits today, as i said before, AGORA is ROCK FUCKING SOLID!

  12. I withdrawal $133 with my stupid ass. I doesnt see anything on blockchain, wallet…

    I hope it is just a delay. I have major respect how the Agora crew is dealing with the safety of the users/vendors.
    But sometimes the feelings creeps upon me that something isnt right…. But it stays by a feeling of a couple of seconds.

    Also the message that Agora gives: “We are aware of the payment issues, working on the solution.”
    Is given by agora without a capital A…

    But I stop being paranoid and just having hope, and believe in the crew of Agora, which I’ve Always done!!

  13. I cant log in. ever time the same massage.
    Error: Username and/or password incorrect.
    the last time i was log was this morning.
    After i diposite i cant log in.

  14. After I recieved my BTC (if this will happen..) I will never use fcking Agora again. 115$ lost! Will change to Evolution I guess, you all should do the same

    • Awww booo hooo :,(
      you have some really unrealistic expectations.

      how dare they actually try to fix the problem. how dare they have security measures in place. I say good go fuck off.

      Stop being such a childish fucking baby. the DNMs have a world wide effort of LE after them. If you can’t handel take your bitch ass back to the fucking streets. be fucking happy DNM even exist at all.

  15. got my BTC back….. Agora…. One Love!

    you guys are for real

  16. I deposited .035 yesterday and it never showed :/ I ope they pull thru!! Mr DEEPDOTWEB where to next :/ I’m lost and need my medical weed :(

    • evolution is a good alternative. the shop is much faster and has about the same amount of products.

    • I’ve had good success with medicinemansdispensary.com even though I think the prices there are high. But no games. I lost deposits in Cannabis Road, Silk-Road 2.0 and Cloud9. Now it looks like Agora is a hole I threw money into, as well. I think I’m going to stick with the medicineman for my meds. The prices aren’t great but the quality is very good.

  17. Im still waiting on my coins to deposit to my agora wallet. Its been 5 days and still nothing. Its a large amount also. Agora say problem is solved, but i think its not!!!

  18. Any body got there deposits yet, I made one yesterday and still not shown in wallet.

  19. deposited last night, still nothing 20 hours later. I’m concerned.

  20. No nobody has. They need to remove that message how everything is ok.

    • spreadhead

      I agree
      i do not get it…and maybe i am the dumbest motherfucker on the DN but what you say I am not seeing..1st you have only warned your vendors…for folks putting cash into their Ag account you say nothing…like “hey dude don’t deposit your money in to your Ag account…go somewhere else because if you need your money in 4 calendar days you are not gonna get it…but nothing to the buyers…”safety above all ya’ll”…i do not know the ends and out about LE but I suspect your servers are in a country that does not corporate with the US or EU when they come knocking…come on Ag…tell the real story to your customers who are wondering where the hell their money is..

  21. I hope my deposit will turn up, did a deposit yesterday before I read this and now I’m worried :(

  22. Same as above. Made a sizable deposit and now I’m stupidly reading all of this after a few nail-biting hours of waiting for them to appear in the wallet. Gotta try and sleep now, can only hope it’s like the last “wave” of issues concerning this and we’ll all have our money ready to go within the next 24hrs * holds breath and takes a few more xanax*

  23. I deposit btc to Ag and it never appeared there but on blockchain it shows that it is arrived and was sent to another adress … looks like scam to me :/

  24. I think it can be a scam, because their warning message does not say anything about deposit at all. Very strange way of not warn that their deposit system is not working.

    I guess this could be a new scam, but I hope my coins end up in my wallet soon.

  25. I Honestly don’t understand what’s the issue? Agora is working perfectly fine for me since yesterday or so

    • Deposited coin using the address provided but the coin never made it to my account.

      • Don’t lose hope. I had multiple withdraws in the past 24 hours, all went trough within 5 minutes. So your deposits will surely reach their destination

    • Dear sir,
      What you are stating is a bigger issue for me. Why are they processing your CURRENT deposit over mine??? I transferred a deposit for over 500 on Monday. I have been told it would be resolved in 3 hours on my 1st inquiry, then told 24 hour on the second inquiry. If your being truthful, your experience is unique. It doesn’t make since to criticize MANY people having problems, unless you are someone who wants people to continue sending money. If it’s working so good, what’s your interest in this discussion?

      • Well i could have said the same thing about you didn’t i? that you are shilling to discourage users from using Agora even though the issues was clearly fixed. and easily provable.

        But seriously, I Had multiple successful withdraws, not deposits though. and if i am able to withdraw, than obviously this is not a scam.

        Also i have failed to find any complaints beside the shill reviews on this site

        • You choose to insult the shrill comments. Nothing you said is Verifiable. The “shrill” comments have been verified by who, other than this site? I’ll tell you who :THE AG WEBSITE AND AG ADMIN. You are still encouraging people to send money. As far as my interest in people going to another site, I have not suggested that to anyone or claimed to switch myself, so therefore you can not say I have any motivation but to stop people from sending money until more than 1 idiot says it’s working.

          • Didn’t say that YOU are a shill, i was saying i could use the same accusations you pointed at me (calling me a shill basically) toward you.

            You can call me an idiot all you want, the fact is that i got multiple withdraws (again, not deposits so i cant comment on those).

            Never encouraged anyone to use the site, just stated a fact, you, or anyone else, can use your best judgment and do what you want with this info.

            For me – everything is working fine currently on Agora.

        • Btw check out Agora’s sub, people are saying the same as i say:


          • We have a very different view due to our personal experiences.
            That’s what’s America about. I am glad if you and others are having success, but I have not. Regardless, If you celebrate the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving.

          • Happy Thanksgiving. And i am sure that you will come back and confirm that your deposit went trough within the next 24 hours. And hopefully it will all be smooth after that.

            • The following is a new statement on the Agora site that supports everything I argued yesterday.
              “Forums are back up. Some issues with deposits being delayed, we are working on it and all outstanding deposits will be registered. Witihdrawals currently running on time. Please allow extra time for support, as you can imagine, during times like these the amount of support is much higher than usual and our team cannot handle all that increased work and still answer all those messages within a very short time.”
              I appreciated the spirited exchange yesterday, but this verifies what I was claiming. I am glad we ended on a good note,but AG IS STILL EXPERIENCING DEPOSIT PROBLEMS.
              Have a good one.

            • Dear Sir,
              The following is the new message from the AG site verifying what I argued yesterday.
              “Forums are back up. Some issues with deposits being delayed, we are working on it and all outstanding deposits will be registered. Witihdrawals currently running on time. Please allow extra time for support, as you can imagine, during times like these the amount of support is much higher than usual and our team cannot handle all that increased work and still answer all those messages within a very short time.”
              With all due respect, this supports everything I argued yesterday. AG IS STILL HAVING DEPOSIT PROBLEMS. I am glad we ended on a good note yesterday,but this is straight from the source.
              Have a good day.

  26. Hi
    J’ai déposé 0.16 BTC à 13h00 et rien n’apparait 10 heures après… :(

  27. Just had my coins stolen from my Agora wallet!!!


    first time I used the wallet!

  28. My deposit of November 22 has never appeared in my account, and no reply has been given to my 3 request for an explanation!

    • I have no idea what’s going on. MY deposit has been missing 4 days. They have responded to me but what they told me would happen, never occurred. NEW AG POSTING THIS AM.
      “Forums are back up. Some issues with deposits being delayed, we are working on it and all outstanding deposits will be registered. Witihdrawals currently running on time. Please allow extra time for support, as you can imagine, during times like these the amount of support is much higher than usual and our team cannot handle all that increased work and still answer all those messages within a very short time.”
      Good luck to us all.

  29. My deposit from 11-24-14 showed up in the AG wallet today 11-29. Hope this is reassuring for some of you.

  30. Deposit complete. Hats off to AG staff.
    Thanks for comments from everyone.

  31. Site wouldn’t load earlier but, it’s up again now and still showing complete transfers

  32. It seems to have been fixed now

  33. So has there been a more detailed description other than ” security ” of what Agora has been doing that caused these issues ?

  34. Is there any problems for withdrawals to localbitcoin wallet? Or it’s just because of the issues occurred on Agora?
    Where do you used to withdraw guys?

  35. I deposited a few hundred dollars, too. Of course, I’m posting here because hours later, they still haven’t showed up in my wallet. Well, I suppose one way to discourage the hell out of people from using the dark markets is to regularly rob them. The crooks are better at shutting down dark markets than the LEOS.

  36. Made a deposit for 120 dollars worth of bitcoin at 12pm today and still Nothing in my agora wallet, im freaking out i need that money!

  37. The wallets are working again.

    But Agora have stolen a couple of thousand from me and their Op Sec could have lead to me being busted on a order I placed there over a month ago.

    They do not deserve to be the number one market place as they will scam when the opportunity arises

  38. I deposited $600 on dec. 5th. still not seeing it. any one else?

  39. I FE’d $1350 to bestman365 on 11-20-14 and he still hasn’t received the funds so I have never received my order. That’s $1350 these motherfuckers took and they have not replied to any of the many messages that bestman365 or I have sent to them. Fuck these assholes! I am upset that bestman365 is still doing business after this happened but his buyers were the ones who lost out, not him. I wish he and all other valued sellers would move to Evo. I don’t think there is enough noise being made about this theft.



  40. does anyone got their issue with the wallets resolved? i tested with 10 usd and it hasnt arrived to agora’s wallet

  41. I dunno what is up with Agora but as we stand over the past few hours we are close to 100 BTC we transferred that has never even seen the blockchain address we sent it to. I hope they pull it together and let us know what’s up. Costs like these are not cool, especially near the end of the month (PAYDAY)


  42. Not bagging on them, Just warning to be careful if you have Coins stuck now. Don’t know the exit strategy yet.

  43. I have a real world mate who has 1.64 BTC that he deposited over 14days ago now with nothing received.
    Over 20 confirmations last time i looked. I did a test send to him and it also has not shown up in the past 4 days.

    When he tries to generate a new wallet address it produces the same wallet each time. Any one else with deposit problems having the same issue ? Is Agora selectively freezing wallets ?? He is a small time user and as such has no real voice or cred.

    No answer from Agora support as per usual

    • Iceland

      I’m still waiting… Last contact from them was over a week ago. They said my wallet address was not an Agora wallet. Which is complete bull#%*.

  44. I had .160 bitcoin deposited to my agora wallet today 12-31-14.Four hours later I have received nothing in my wallet. I sent 5 or 6 messages to agora with no response. I did check blockchaqin and it was listed as being sent to the agora wallet.

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