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New Dark Net Toolkit Helps Link Bitcoin Transactions with Wallets

Bitcoin users are being urged to take note of the newest Dark Net Analytics Toolkit. Why? Mostly due to the fact that it can be used to link bitcoin wallet addresses to user profiles. The latest research shows that there is a pattern used by hackers when it comes to communication on the dark net.

The research will be presented in November at the Black Hat Europe 2016 conference. The data suggest that researchers have found a way to spot illegal activity on the dark net by studying the way people are communicating with each other. Researchers have come to this conclusion by studying user communication habits on dark net forums. With the use of social network analysis, temporal pattern analysis, and natural language processing technology, it is possible to identify illegal, malicious behavior before it officially starts.

With the help of this new technology, companies can analyze dark net comments and communications as needed. This new technology totally eliminates the need for companies to hire experienced cyber threat experts. This new technology is currently monitoring 800 dark net forums to date. The new technology is also able to be run 24 hours a day, seven days a week while being under constant pressures.

The company behind this, Recorded Future, says more is yet to come. They plan on releasing even more information at the conference in November. Recorded Future is almost certain they have a way to stop cyber criminals from hopping back and forth to cover their different identities; which according to law enforcement is a major problem for investigating dark net crime.

The briefing states:

In this presentation we analyze a very large corpus of forum posts from surface and deep web spanning more than three years – including forums originating in the United States, Russia, Palestine/Gaza, Ukraine, Iran, China (in local language), etc. Based on this corpus we establish a series of patterns of actor behavior that can be used for targeting illicit behavior and actors, establish research pivot points, and detect actor focus on products, technologies, and vulnerabilities.

The future of dark net looks more and more bleak as time passes. With the development of new toolkits such as this, the changes to Rule 41, and the almost all but outlawed use of anonymity network Tor provides, it would seem that the fate of dark net hangs in the proverbial balance. I for one, am curious to see where this will lead the future of the deep web.


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