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Vendor on Alphabay, Dream and previous markets – selling opioids.

Overdue Order

I placed an order on Aug 22nd. I haven’t heard anything back yet. Just wanting to check in to see when I should be receiving it.

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Same problem but solid vendor

Hey I have the same issue ordered on Same day and still on hold and no response if you hear anything please lmk bro.

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QualityKing is the Man

Does anyone know how backlogged qualityking is with his web vendor page orders?? I ordered back on 8/30/17 and my order still says “on hold”.. Already paid in full..

Emailed and have not heard back yet. Hopefully it’s just Laborday weekend holding things up. let me know if ya know. thnx

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  • sandraponico reviewed 1 month ago
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I have been trying to place an order for almost 3 days. I have heard back twice from vendor but haven’t heard a reply since. Would like a response to place an order pleeeease.

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Good vendor

I was QK’s customer on AB and since all the markets are going down committing exit scams I finally started ordering directly through his vendor shop.
I am glad he opened one, so I could always stay in touch for the products that I am in need for.
Sometime he was slow at replying, but I got every single order of mine. So I can vouch for him with confidence.

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My favorite

I’ve been buying trams from this vendor since he started vending at AB.
It’s always been a pleasure doing business. Packages take 2 to 3 times to reach me most of the time. There were times when it took up to 10 days, but in my opinion it’s well worth it. The price is the most lowest on the DM, but most is important is the security. I’d rather wait few days instead of getting authorities involved when ordering abroad. Keep it up QK!

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My experience

I am using QK to buy products like moda and tram and QK was always offering the best service and quality all the time.
I can vouch for this vendor.

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