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Xanax Dealer Sold to “Vulnerable Young Women,” Judge Revealed

District Judge Barney McElholm granted anonymity to a 34-year-old darknet drug buyer. According to the court, the Derry area man ordered drugs from the darknet and had resold them near to where he lived. Numerous factors contributed to the judge’s decision to keep the case under wraps, one of which was that the dealer’s life could be in danger since ... Read More »

The SSH Public Key Authentication Protocol Over Tor – How Vulnerable It Is to Timing Attacks?

The Secure Shell (SSH) public key authentication protocol represents one of the most popularly used authentication methods that rely on public key cryptography. Apart from its massive popularity, the SSH protocol hasn’t been massively studied and even the most advanced users often misconceive its functionality. Version 2 of the SSH protocol is presently being used by millions of internet connected ... Read More »

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Report Calls the SEC Out for Vulnerable Computer Network Systems

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), frequently referred to as the Congressional Watchdog Office, the SEC has failed to implement a number of protective measures for their computer networks. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) exists primarily to secure and regulate investments—basically everything the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had formerly managed. Since 1997, the GAO warned that the cybersecurity ... Read More »

Research Claims: The Dark Net Is Less Vulnerable To Hacking Attacks

The dark web is a part of the internet, which provides and maintains anonymity to its users. People can use this privacy to either illegal and legal ways. For example, in countries where freedom of speech is oppressed, or the media is censored, the citizens can use the Tor browser to connect to the dark web and anonymously browse the ... Read More »

Is Deffie Hellman Key Exchange Vulnerable ?

I have yet to hear of any cryptographic or ‘technical’ method void of complete vulnerability . As a security engineer, I have encountered diverse forms of key exchange methods, how two parties share public values or keys to over public channels. Some have suggested we should forgo D – H key exchange. Rather, we should focus on customizing our own ... Read More »

Ddos attack on TOR hidden services – All Versions Vulnerable

Reported Here: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/15463 In a ticket titled as “TOR CPU load 100%. Hidden service unavailable. Maybe zero-day vulnerability like “circuit storm”. ” Problem exist at all versions(0.2.5, 0.2.6, master from git) At current time few hidden services in TOR network DDOSed by this method. Several Market admins Have already contacted us confirming that they are under Ddos attack as well. Read More »